Investigation Services


Mason Legal is a full service investigative firm specializing in criminal defense and all phases of trial preparation. From pre-indictment to sentencing and beyond we are there to ensure the government’s case is challenged on all levels. Finding a competent attorney is crucial to a vigorous defense. Making sure the defense team includes the best investigators can make the difference between winning and losing. Our investigations have contributed to acquittals, significantly reduced charges and outright dismissals.  That’s why some of the most well known names in criminal defense use us.  References provided on request.   

Database and timeline creation.  Multi-media presentation, videos, and power point.

Witness interviews

Impeachment of government witnesses

Multi media acquisition, including photo and video for power-point and more.

Jury consultation

Penalty phase investigation

Mitigation reports 

Appellate investigations

Post Conviction Relief 

Media and historical research

Media consultation

Media strategy

Media relations